Apply for a CCP- Overseas audiologists

Audiology Australia's application procedures are based on enabling overseas-qualified audiologists to demonstrate their equivalency to Australian-qualified audiologists. In this, we hope you would agree that Audiology Australia has an obligation to protect the standards of professional audiology for all of its membership, regardless of whether members obtained their qualifications in Australia or overseas.

You can read about the criteria you will be assessed against in the OS Aud Assessment Criteria document

You can read about how to apply in the OS Aud Application Procedure

Finally, you can apply using the OS Aud Membership and CCP application form

If you have any questions relating to the application procedure for overseas trained audiologists please contact the National office via:

Email:, or

Phone: +61 3 9877 2727, or

Mail:  Audiology Australia, PO Box 504, Brentford Square, Vic. 3131