Clinical Internship

About Audiology Australia's Clinical Internship Program

Audiology Australia's stated aims are to pursue and promote the knowledge and practice of audiology in all its aspects to the advancement of science, and the betterment of community services to the hearing impaired.  It is, therefore, commensurate with the basic aims of Audiology Australia that we welcome and encourage employment opportunities in audiology that are primarily concerned with research, development, and/or teaching aspects of the profession.

However, it is also commensurate with our stated aims that we encourage the highest standards of patient care, i.e. that we provide evidence to the public and/or to employing authorities that those audiologists offering clinical services directly to the public are indeed considered by their professional peers to be fully qualified to do so.

Therefore, in addition to and separate from standards prescribed for Full membership, a one-year full-time Clinical Internship program is in operation.

Upon completion of the Clinical Internship program, a Certificate of Clinical Practice can be awarded.

Clinical Internship Requirements and Procedure

This document outlines the Clinical Internship Requirements and Procedure.

The Clinical Internship Handbook provides information for interns, supervisors and employers and is available for download here on the members-only pages of the Audiology Australia website.