How to apply for membership

Printable PDF of the membership requirements

Initial Application for full membership

In order to obtain full membership with Audiology Australia you must have:

  1. Met the Stage 1 Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP) assessment criteria for Australian-qualified audiologists or overseas-qualified audiologists, click on these links to see the CCP procedures and application forms for membership and the CCP:
    1. For Australian-qualified audiologists’, or
    2. ‘For Overseas-qualified  audiologists’.
  2. Had your membership application proposed and seconded by a full member of Audiology Australia.  If you are an overseas-qualified audiologist, the proposer/seconder may be hearing professionals of good standing in your own community who have personal knowledge of you and your qualifications and who are members of the local professional association.
  3. Had your application for membership approved by the Board of Audiology Australia.
  4. Had your name circulated to members of Audiology Australia by the National Office and for no objections to have been received within 28 days.
  5. Paid the initial annual membership fee.

Membership renewal

In order to renew your full membership with Audiology Australia each year you must have:

  1. Completed a renewal form, including all mandatory declarations.
  2. Paid the annual membership renewal fee.

Compliance with Audiology Australia's Code of Conduct

All members of Audiology Australia must agree to comply with Audiology Australia's Code of Conduct.  You can view and print the Code of Conduct here.

Student membership

Future audiologists may choose to become student members of Audiology Australia while completing their degree.

In order become a student member of Audiology Australia you must be enrolled at one of the Australian Masters degrees accredited by Audiology Australia.

You can read about how to become a student member in this Student Membership Policy and Procedure.

You can apply for student membership using this form.

Transfer from one membership category to another

Current members can choose to tranfser from one membership category to another.  The transfers available upon application are student to full membership and full membership to emeritus membership.  The membership transfer form must be submitted.