Register of Accredited Audiologists

The Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist trade mark is the gold standard in professional recognition in audiology. Use of this mark is exclusively available and restricted to members of Audiology Australia who have gained a Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP) and commit to a minimum amount of ongoing professional development.

The Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist trade mark communicates to clients, employers and others that the practitioner using the logo is a professionally educated and competent audiologist having completed a tertiary qualification recognised by Audiology Australia from an Australian university accredited audiology program (or overseas equivalent), is a member of Audiology Australia, agrees to abide by Audiology Australia’s Code of Conduct, and has a current CCP.

To ensure that the Audiologist that you are seeing is an accredited audiologist, use the search tool below by typing in their first, last name or member number.

Alternatively, if you cannot find your audiologist in this register, ask them if they are a member of Audiology Australia and have a current Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP)