Advanced Auditory Anatomy & Physiology - Melbourne Event

04, September 2017 - 08, September 2017
Rydges on Swanton, 701 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Update and refresh your skills with this 3 part series on Advanced Auditory Anatomy and Physiology. This 3 part series will include;

2 hour live webinar
2 hour face-to-face tutorial
1 hour journal club (pre reading required)

You must complete all componets of this event in order to receive CPD points for this event. This includes, attending the online webinar (75% pass on quiz), reading the journal article, and attending the face-to-face tutorial and journal club.


Webinar (2 hours)

Monday 4th September, 5:00pm-7:00pm

CPD Points: 2 Points (Category 1)

The webinar is aimed to recap the fundamental anatomical and physiological principles underlying normal sound transduction in the chochlea. It is intended to start with the basics and gradually work up to more advanced concepts. Participants will have the opportunitiy to interact with Dr Nayagam throughout the webinar, in order to test and revise their knowledge.


Face-to-Face Tutorial (3 hours)

Melbourne: Friday 8th September, 4:0pm - 7:00pm
Rydges on Swanton, 701 Swanston Street, Melbourne

CPD Points: 1 Point (Category 1)
1 Point (Category 2)
1 Point (Category 3)

In module 1, you will work in small groups to apply the knowledge gained/revised from the webinar to describe the underlying physiology behind some common presentations in the audiology clinic.

In module 2, Dr Nayagam will give an overview of the current state of stem cell therapy for deafness and provide the audience with resources which they can use in the clinic to keep patients informed with the latest advances in this field.

In module 3, participants will be required to read a journal article prior to the session, and come prepared to discuss the potential application of new gene editing techniques for ameliorating hearing loss with a genetic basis, such as Usher syndrome.

Key outcomes from this series include:
1.  Revision of the key anatomical and physiological principles underlying sound transduction by the mammalian cochlea, and successfully apply these to common presentations in the audiology clinic.

2. Become equip to confidently and accurately inform clients about the applications of stem cells for hearing loss and the likely time frames for such therapies to be available clinically.

3. Learn and understand how recent advances in gene editing may be useful in the treatment of genetic hearing loss in future, through reading and discussing a relevant journal article.



Member $95

Non Members $120

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