Audiology Australia and the HEARing CRC are proud to announce a CPD Package on Infant Diagnostics. The package will provide advanced learning opportunities and feature a range of seminars, workshops and online training modules.

You can choose the modules that are most relevant to your practice. A range of topic will be addressed in the CPD Package, including:

    - Setting the scene

    - Infant diagnostic audiology in the context of UNHS programme

    - Working with Australian Hearing and other organisations and professions

    - Setting up the test room and clinic

    - Infant diagnostic test battery

    - ANSD/Retrocochlear

    - Practical experience of test procedures

    - Case management, including level of knowledge on aetiology and interventions required for case management

    - Self-awareness and counselling parents

    - Self-awareness & taking care of yourself

    - Quality assurance, peer review and auditing in the context of infant diagnostics

    - New technological advances.


Two modules that form part of the CPD Package on infant diagnostics will be delivered face to face in May and June 2017. The modules are:

- Self-awareness and counselling families, and

- Self-awareness and taking care of yourself.

This full-day of face-to-face activities will address counselling families and how infant diagnosticians can best take care of themselves and help prevent clinician burnout.

These modules will he held at two locations in association with other CPD events of relevance to infant diagnosticians. 

Option 1: Melbourne  Option 2: Gold Coast
18th May 2017, 9:00am to 4:00pm 12th June 2017, 9:00am to 4:00pm
The Larwil Studios, Melbourne RACV Royal Pines, Gold Coast 
The day before the Australian Newborn Hearing Screening Conference in Melbourne May 19th-20th 2017.  One day after Audiology Australia’s Conference The Sound Exchange ’17- Audiology in Action at the Gold Coast June 10-11th 2017.
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