Audiology Australia and the HEARing CRC are proud to announce a CPD Package on Infant Diagnostics

Audiology Australia and The HEARing CRC are proud to announce a CPD Package on Infant Diagnostics.  The aim of this package is to provide a range of professional development opportunities for audiologists working in the field of infant diagnostics.

You can choose the modules that are most relevant to your practice and level of experience. A range of topics will be addressed in the CPD Package, including:

    -  Setting the scene
          •  Infant diagnostic audiology in the context of UNHS programme
          •  Working with other professions: Seamless service delivery- the role of the diagnostic audiologist in helping to optimise outcomes for children with hearing loss

    -  Preparing for the infant diagnostic appointment: Putting family-centred practice into action
          •  Helping parents prepare for the appointment
          •  Preparing the physical environment and equipment
          •  Troubleshooting

    -  Infant diagnostic test battery
          •  ABR and ASSR- An introduction
          •  ABR and ASSR- Getting into the details
          •  Otoacoustic Emissions
          •  Infant tympanometry

    -  ANSD/Retrocochlear, including applications of stapedial reflexes

    -  Supporting families as an infant diagnostician: From understanding aetiology to paving the way for future interventions

    -  Self-awareness and counselling parents

    -  Self-awareness and taking care of yourself

    -  New technological advances in the field of infant diagnostics

    -  Quality assurance, peer review and auditing in the context of infant diagnostics


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