Documentation- interns starting 2016

Audiology Australia's Clinical Internship Documentation for interns who began their internship in 2016 can be found on this page.

Document Submission Summary

This is a brief description of the purpose of the Clinical Internship forms and when to submit each of them. We suggest Interns print out this summary, write in the table the dates when their documents are due, and keep this somewhere handy to ensure all paperwork is submitted on time.

Clinical Internship Registration Form

This form must accompany all initial documents for the applicant to be admitted into the Clinical Internship Program.

Joint Supervision Agreement

This document confirms in writing the supervision process being implemented to support the Intern towards competence and the ultimate goal of independent practice.  It includes a signature by the clinic manager, if applicable, to ensure they also agree to the terms of the Clinical Internship supervision program.

The JSA is valid for the entire duration of the Internship unless the Intern changes workplace or Supervisor during the internship.

Knowledge & Skills Matrix Template

The KSM identifies the key Learning Goals which have been selected by the Supervisor as being offered to the Intern, which are then allocated a priority. The KSM includes a Learning Plan, description of the Assessment Process and strategies to be employed to meet the Learning Goals. This document is intended to show the Intern’s progress over time. It should be updated each quarter and submitted with the CI Supervision Diary.

Clinical Internship Supervision Diary

This is an ongoing record of the Intern’s development and growing skills and confidence. It includes comments by the Supervisor to provide the Intern with feedback about their performance during the internship as well as a summary progress report from the supervisor at the end of the quarter.

Guidelines for Case Study

These are the guidelines to follow for the Q4 Case Study (Option B).

Change of Supervisor Notification Form

When an Intern’s supervisor changes during their Internship, this form must be completed and sent to Audiology Australia. (Additional forms may need to be submitted as detailed in the Form.)

Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP) Application Form

This form provides information that documents the completion of an approved Clinical Internship Program of supervised professional experience in clinical audiology. 

NOTE: Instructions for completing the above documents are provided at the beginning of each form or document