CPD Endorsement application procedure

What is Endorsement?

Endorsement is a process that simplifies documentation of CPD activities for an Audiology Australia member and recognises high quality structured learning opportunities through allocating additional CPD points. The Audiology Australia CPD program recognises both independent activities and endorsed activities. That is, a CPD activity does not need to be endorsed for it to be included as part of a member’s CPD program. However, endorsed activities have the advantage of taking the burden off the member for documenting his/her CPD activity. When a member attends and successfully completes an endorsed activity, he/she will receive a certificate that fully documents his/her participation and the CPD associated with the activity. The endorsement process applies only to structured learning situations, which would normally be found in activities such as workshops, lectures, and seminars. However, structured discussion groups and some conference sessions may also meet the criteria.

Supporting documentation required with your endorsement application is:

  1. A detailed program clearly indicating the duration of each session exclusing meal breaks
  2. Activity Goals
  3. Expected learning outcomes for audiologists
  4. Activity Evaluation Form
  5. Abstracts for each session
  6. A bio on each speaker
  7. Activity advertising flyer

If you wish to seek endorsement for any CPD activity you are planning, please read the guidelines carefully, complete the application form and forward to the Audiology Australia office along with all required information as outlined in the guidelines.

Click here to download the

CPD Endorsement Guidelines

Application Form for Audiology Australia Endorsement of CPD Activities

CPD Activity Evaluation Form

Advertising Booking Form