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This page contains all the information you need to know about advertising in Audiology Australia's publication Audiology Now.

The information is organised into the following categories:

About Audiology Now

Audiology Now is the magazine of Audiology Australia Ltd.

Audiologists in Australia are represented professionally by Audiology Australia Ltd. Audiology Australia was founded in 1968 and its member audiologists agree to practise audiology in accordance with Audiology Australia's Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Professional Practice Standards

Audiology Australia works to:

  • Pursue and promote the knowledge and practice of audiology
  • Promote Audiology Australia as the peak professional body for audiologists
  • Further the advancement of the member's professional interests
  • Promote optimum hearing healthcare in the community through quality professional assessment, rehabilitation, education and research.

The magazine assists in promoting these goals. It is produced quarterly.

Audiology Now is distributed by direct mail to all members in Australia, approximately 80 international members and additional interested parties including government and professional organisations.

The magazine's regular contents include:

• President's Report
• Treasurer's Report
• CEO's Report
• Letters to the Editor
• Awards
• Professional Topics
• Research Reviews
• Book Reviews
• A Day in the Life...
• Case Studies
• Conference Updates
• Dates to Remember

In addition to the above, a limited amount of advertising space is also offered at commercial rates.

Advertising Rates

Effective 30th June 2017, rates are as follows:

Size Per Issue  
Double Page $2,662.00  
Full Page $1,331.00  
1/2 Page $726.00  
1/4 Page $423.50  

(#) Plus artwork charge of $60 (+GST) if material is not supplied to right size.

All prices quoted include 10% GST. Advertisers will be invoiced approximately one week after the magazine has been posted (to allow for delivery) and the payment terms will be 14 days from invoice date. Payment by credit card will be subject to a 3% surcharge. PAYMENTS MADE WITHIN 14 DAYS WILL ATTRACT A 5% DISCOUNT.

Preferred Positions  
Back Cover $1,512.50
Inside Front Cover $1,512.50
Inside Back Cover $1,512.50
Centre Spread $3,025.00


Inserts (Loose)  
Single A4 Sheet (Material Supplied) $1,331.00
Multi Page or Booklets POA

2,700 copies are required for insertion. All advertising material for insertion must in the first instance be provided for approval by Audiology Australia. Prices for printing inserts available on application. All multi-page items will be subject to an additional charge - price available on application.

Artwork/Graphic Design
A design and production service is available for advertisers unable to supply print ready material. This service will be charged separately at $60.00 per hour (+10% GST) unless otherwise arranged.

Publication Schedule

Effective 19th December 2017, the schedule is as follows:

Issue Est. Publication Date Booking & Material Deadline
Issue 71 w/c 26th March 2018 26th February 2018
Issue 72 w/c 25th June 2018 28th May 2018
Issue 73 w/c 24th September 2018 27th August 2018
Issue 74 w/c 6th January 2019 26th November 2019

All publication dates are best estimates only and may be subject to change without notice. Please ask for more current information at the time of booking.

General Conditions

  • No advertising agency commissions are available.
  • Audiology Australia is not responsible for instructions or alterations unless confirmed in writing.
  • Audiology Australia reserves the right to omit any advertisements that it deems to be unsuitable for publication.
  • Cancellations must be received within seven days of the booking deadline otherwise the advertiser may be required to pay for the space booked.

Material Sizes

All sizes quoted in millimetres (mm).

Page Size Text Area Bleed
Double Page
297mm d x 420mm w
277mm x 400mm 5mm all edges
Full Page
297mm d x 210mm w
277mm x 190mm 5mm all edges
1/2 Page Horizontal 130mm d x 180mm w 5mm applicable edges
1/4 Page 130mm d x 87.5mm w 5mm applicable edges

Material Requirements

  1. Audiology Now is produced in InDesign CC, utilising both Illustrator and PhotoShop CS on a Macintosh OS X.
  2. We prefer artwork supplied as high resolution PDF files with all fonts embedded. Be sure your PDF is press quality.
  3. Files may be accepted in QuarkXPress or InDesign. Please be sure to include all fonts and placed images including Illustrator (ensure all fonts are outlined) or PhotoShop files.
  4. Files supplied in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Corel Draw or Publisher are not acceptable. Additional charges will apply to files presented in these applications.
  5. All artwork must be CMYK - NO SPOT COLOURS.
  6. All images must be no less than 300dpi at 100% size. Do not enlarge images by more than 105%.
  7. Artwork can be accepted on CD or via email. We do not accept artwork on floppy disk, zip disk or via fax.
  8.  Corrections to files not supplied in the preferred formats will be charged at $60.00 per hour (+10% GST) with a minimum charge of $30.00 (+10% GST). 

Advertising Conditions for Audiology Now

  1. It is a condition of advertising in Audiology Now that all employment advertising include the following statement “All applicants must be, or eligible to be, a full member of Audiology Australia." Due to possible delays in the publication of Audiology Now, Audiology Australia does not recommend using this publication for employment advertising.
  2. Audiology Australia does not endorse any information or product advertised in Audiology Now unless by prior arrangement and with written consent. Any statement that states or implies otherwise will render the information or product unsuitable for advertising in Audiology Now and the author liable to legal action.
  3. All advertisements are subject to Editorial Board approval. Audiology Australia reserves the right to reject any advertisement it considers unsuitable for publication.
  4. Audiology Australia assumes that information included in advertisements is accurate, correct and contains no misleading or deliberately false assertions. Audiology Australia accepts no legal liability should any action arise from material advertised in Audiology Now. All enquiries will be promptly directed to the commissioning advertiser and Audiology Australia will engage in no further correspondence in such matters.
  5. Artwork must conform to Audiology Australia's requirements and Audiology Australia reserves the right to charge for any additional work that is required in amending the artwork. Any costs incurred by Audiology Australia for artwork will be billed to the advertiser.
  6. Audiology Australia accepts no responsibility for errors in content once the Audiology Now Booking & Approval Form is signed by a representative of the advertiser. By signing the approval form, the advertiser is deemed to accept all the prices, terms and conditions that apply to advertising in Audiology Now.
  7. All advertisements are accepted subject to space being available in the publication. Audiology Australia does not guarantee that advertisements will be placed. If a supplied advertisement has not been accepted, and charged, a full refund will be provided.
  8. The advertiser, or their agent, warrants that nothing in the advertising material infringes any Federal, State or Territory law, or the rights of any person.
  9. Audiology Australia reserves the right to refuse any advertising that is deemed to be in direct competition with Audiology Australia's products or services.
  10. Audiology Australia also reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that is deemed to be in contravention, either direct or implied, of Audiology Australia's Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Professional Practice Standards, or any Position Statement that has been ratified.
  11. Audiology Australia takes no responsibility for Australia Post delivery of Audiology Now once we have delivered to the post.
  12. Cancellations received before the material deadline will be accepted. All requests for cancellation must be received in writing. Your ad is not deemed as cancelled until written notification is sent from Audiology Australia or its Representative.
  13. The placing of advertising implies acceptance of Audiology Australia's terms and conditions.

Advertising Enquiries

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