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Terms and Conditions

  • Audiology Australia reserves the right to include its own printed matter in any of its Mailing Service (whether single or shared) at any time without notice unless the “exclusive mail out” surcharge has been applied.
  • It is a condition of using the Audiology Australia Mailing Service that all employment advertising include the following statement “All applicants must be, or eligible to be, a Full member of Audiology Australia Ltd.
  • Audiology Australia does not endorse any information or product advertised using the Mailing Service unless by prior arrangement and with written consent. Any statement that states or implies otherwise will render the information or product unsuitable for distribution using the Audiology Australia Mailing Service and the author liable to legal action.
  • Audiology Australia assumes that information included in advertising material is accurate, correct and contains no misleading or deliberately false assertions. Audiology Australia accepts no legal liability should any action arise from material distributed using this Mailing Service. All enquiries will be promptly directed to the commissioning advertiser and Audiology Australia will engage in no further correspondence in such matters.
  • Audiology Australia accepts no responsibility for errors in content once the Mail Out Service approval form is signed by a representative of the advertiser. By signing the approval form, the advertiser is deemed to accept all the prices, terms and conditions that apply to the Audiology Australia Mail Out Service.
  • Audiology Australia takes no responsibility for Australia Post delivery of the advertising matter once we have delivered to the post as indicated on the approval form and in the specified manner.
  • Cancellations received before the printing of your mail out will be accepted. All requests for cancellation must be received in writing. Your mail out is not deemed as cancelled until written notification is sent from Audiology Australia or it’s Representative.
  • I also declare that the position/s advertised are available at the time of submitting this advertisement.