The National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP) is the national peak body representing self-regulating health professions in Australia.  NASRHP works to represent the interests of the self-regulating health professions.

Australian peak bodies of self-regulating allied health professions wishing to join NASRHP must meet benchmark standards for regulation and accreditation of practitioners within that profession.  NASRHP standards have been closely modelled on the National Boards under the Allied Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), HCPC (UK standards) and NZ Boards.  This facilitates national consistency in quality and support for self-regulating health professionals.  This provides assurance to patients they are receiving a quality service from a certified health professional.

NASRHP does not provide individual certification for practitioners.

Audiology Australia aims to be eligible for membership with NASRHP by mid-2017.

What does this mean for me as an audiologist?

You may notice some changes to Audiology Australia's Policies and Procedures as we become NASRHP-ready.  However, most of these will be streamlining and documenting existing policies and procedures; making it easier for you to understand and meet your membership and clinical certification requirements.

Other than this, nothing will change for you in your day-to-day practice as an Audiology Australia member, holder of a Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP) or an Audiology Australia Accredited AudiologistTM.  Your clinical certification will be recognised by government funding agencies as it has been in the past.

More about NASRHP

NASHRP was originally an informal alliance which begun in 2008 under the auspices of Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) to support member organisations of self-regulating professions and has progressed over the years to the incorporated independent organisation of today.  The development of NASRHP as an independent body was supported by a grant from the Federal Department of Health and Ageing.  The NASRHP Board has the decision making power regarding governance, and its membership.  All decisions are independent of government.

NASRHP was registered as a company limited by guarantee with ASIC (ACN 616 219 768) in December 2016.  NASRHP relies on its member organisations for funding and support.  NASRHP is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of external members and a representative from each of the NASRHP founding organisations including Audiology Australia.

NASRHP objectives

    a)    Maintain a framework of standards for self-regulating health professions;
    b)    Providing a single point of contact for stakeholders and interested parties for matters relating to self-regulating health professions;
    c)    Advance and promote self-regulating health professions;
    d)    Increase public confidence in self-regulating health professions; and
    e)    Advocate for self-regulating health professions in the areas of regulation and standards.

You can read more about NASRHP on their website.