AudA and ACAud stronger together

Our shared commitment to improving hearing health for all Australians 

Over the last three years, AudA and ACAud have worked closely together on a range of projects to improve the professional and ethical practice of Audiologists and Audiometrists.

The development of the Australian Government led Roadmap for Hearing Health, presents an opportunity for Audiology Australia and ACAud to extend and strengthen its relationship under a strong self-regulatory framework 

The Boards of Audiology Australia (AudA) and ACAud have begun discussions about the possibility of joining together.  This has the potential to bring a unique strength to our shared commitment to improving hearing health for all Australians as we would become larger, stronger and better.


1) Together, we would become the largest peak body representing Audiologists and Audiometrists; we will be one body setting the professional and ethical standards for over 3,500 practitioners and we will ensure that trust and integrity are core to delivering hearing healthcare services to all Australians.
2) Together, we would bring a stronger voice to Government and public debates; our combined membership strength and expertise will establish us as the leaders in hearing healthcare and enable us to effectively champion for the professions as one strong public voice.
3) Together, we would be better resourced to deliver services to members; by combining resources, we will improve the quality and range of services that we are able to offer to ensure you are able to deliver the highest standards of contemporary hearing healthcare.

We will communicate with our members regularly throughout the consultation process. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About AudA and ACAud potentially joining together (Last updated 11 April 2019)

The following information has been prepared to help answer any questions you may have on recent conversations about the potential for AudA and ACAud joining together. There will be questions at this time that we cannot answer at this early stage. However, as we move to consider the proposal in more detail, we will post the most up-to-date information to ensure members remain fully across developments as they occur. Importantly, we will post regular opportunities to participate in this important conversation as part of our commitment to ensure our members lead the discussion.
How will a merger benefit me as a professional?
Joining together would reposition your member body as the peak body for hearing health representing both professions. We would become part of a larger, more diverse membership comprising both Audiologists and Audiometrists strengthening and expanding our influence and reach. By bringing a stronger voice to key concerns for our sector, and by working together we are also uniquely positioned to lead the future of the professions. This is particularly important with the release of the Government’s Roadmap for Hearing Health providing Audiologists and Audiometrists new opportunities to deliver care ensuring we have an integral role in leading this change. In providing services to you, the merger would make us a stronger and more effective member association extending the range of services and resources we can offer. 
What are the key benefits of a merger?
A proposed merger would see a combined membership over 3,500 come together to create a powerful unified voice. The key benefits include:
Creating Australia’s largest audiology member organisation increasing our impact in shaping a strong future for both professions; 
Build on many existing collaborations to capitalise on the strengths of both organisations delivering expanded services for members; 
Deliver our full growth potential in shaping quality hearing health services across Australia to future proof our professions and ensure quality outcomes for consumers;
Expand our reach to advance new visions of excellence, increasing our knowledge base and commitment to clinical effectiveness and evidence-based practice;
Leading professional accreditation practice offering alignment through one accreditation system, retention of two pathways and bringing consistency across the Standards;
Shaping the future for the next generation of Audiologists and Audiometrists expanding clinical placement experience options; and
Adding a powerful voice for consumers as well as increasing our capacity to inform the public on hearing and balance issues and the role of audiology.
How far advanced are the discussions between AudA and ACAud?
Discussions are at a very early stage and the key priority for the Boards of both AudA and ACAud is to engage their respective membership for their views of the merger as a potential strategic option for future growth. A Working Party has been established and it has requested a plan be developed collaboratively with both memberships. The process for engagement will involve a series of consultations for members commencing from 29 April 2019 in order to work through the strategic imperatives together. Broader stakeholders will also be brought across key developments as the membership progresses through to decisions in forming a new vision.
What are the next steps?
We are at a very early stage of the consultation phase. We are committed to working to a timeframe that allows for sufficient discussion with members. If there is interest by the membership in progressing towards a merger, we would potentially put a final negotiated Merger Agreement up for a vote by the membership in November 2019.
Who decides?
Any decision regarding AudA and ACAud joining together in a merger would require the support of the membership. An affirmative vote of the members at a General Meeting is required to adopt the Merger Agreement.
How do I get involved? 
Transforming a vision for a merger into a reality is solely reliant on member participation in shaping that vision. Both bodies are committed to work closely together and through their membership and other stakeholders to explore options towards a combined entity and new vision. Members have been prioritised through a series of consultations to ensure strong participation.Face-to-face sessions begin with a series of AudA Roadshows nationally and a member session at the ACAud conference. This is the first of many collaborative events for members.

Locations, dates and times of upcoming events

  • Perth, Monday 29 April, 5.30pm-7pm
  • Adelaide, Tuesday 30 April, 5.30pm-7pm
  • Sydney, Wednesday 1 May, 5.30pm-7pm
  • Hobart, Thursday 2 May, 5.30pm-7pm
  • Brisbane, Friday 3 May, 5.30pm-7pm
  • Melbourne, Monday 6 May, 5.30pm-7pm
  • Alice Springs, Friday 31 May, 8.30am-9.30am

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