AudA and ACAud stronger together

Our shared commitment to improving hearing health for all Australians 

Over the last three years, AudA and ACAud have worked closely together on a range of projects to improve the professional and ethical practice of Audiologists and Audiometrists.

The development of the Australian Government led Roadmap for Hearing Health, presents an opportunity for Audiology Australia and ACAud to extend and strengthen its relationship under a strong self-regulatory framework 

The Boards of Audiology Australia (AudA) and ACAud have begun discussions about the possibility of joining together.  This has the potential to bring a unique strength to our shared commitment to improving hearing health for all Australians as we would become larger, stronger and better.


1) Together, we would become the largest peak body representing Audiologists and Audiometrists; we will be one body setting the professional and ethical standards for over 3,500 practitioners and we will ensure that trust and integrity are core to delivering hearing healthcare services to all Australians.
2) Together, we would bring a stronger voice to Government and public debates; our combined membership strength and expertise will establish us as the leaders in hearing healthcare and enable us to effectively champion for the professions as one strong public voice.
3) Together, we would be better resourced to deliver services to members; by combining resources, we will improve the quality and range of services that we are able to offer to ensure you are able to deliver the highest standards of contemporary hearing healthcare.

We will communicate with our members regularly throughout the consultation process. 

Further information about the potential merger including member questions, the background and the process can be found at 

You can also send feedback at any time to