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Employment Hub is the leading recruitment advertising channel targeting Audiologists across diverse work environments.



Audiology Australia is pleased to offer a 'no paper - no petrol' online advertising option. It is a small step in doing our bit for the environment.

This option makes your material available for download online in the 'Employment Hub’ section of the Audiology Australia website. This section is only available to registered Audiology Australia members. Employment opportunities once approved remain on the Employment Online portal for 30 days. These can be extended by contacting Audiology Australia.

All opportunities are also included in a dedicated fortnightly Employment newsletter sent to members via email on approximately the 1st and 15th of each month advising them if new opportunities are available online. THIS EMAIL WILL NOT INCLUDE YOUR MATERIAL but will include your company name and a link to the area on our website where they can download your advertisement should they choose to.

- Your material must be typed into the application and can also be uploaded as a download in PDF format.
- All job advertisements must include the following statement: All applicants must be, or eligible to be, full Members of Audiology Australia.
- As Audiology Australia is the representative body for Audiologists, all advertising must be directed to Audiologists only

Online Only Price $748.00
Bookings can be made online via the "Advertisers Portal - Post your ad" below.


In addition to the online postings, advertisers may choose to have a hard copy of the advertisement mailed to members across Australia. The mailing can be Nationally or State Based. Information on pricing and Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.