Paediatric Competency Standards

As part of the Hearing Health Sector Alliance, Audiology Australia is involved in developing Paediatric Competency Standards. 


Through the Hearing Health Sector Alliance, Audiology Australia has received funding from the Federal Department of Health to develop paediatric audiology competency standards. These competency standards will aim to benefit the hearing health sector as a whole by providing further clarification and guidance for both the profession and public about the minimum requirements expected of audiologists providing paediatric services to patients.

Audiology Australia is delighted to be the lead organisation for the Hearing Health Sector Alliance, driving this project for the sector. The Hearing Health Sector Alliance has already approved Terms of Reference and has appointed Margaret Dewberry, an audiologist with more than 40 years of experience, to act as independent Chair for the Working Group.

“I am delighted that this funding has been received and will support the development of clear guidance for health professionals and clients and their families as they work through hearing health issues in infants and children,” says Margaret. “Early intervention and support for children with hearing loss is vital to ensure they can achieve their best potential in life, and establishing clearer and more specific standards will be invaluable to greater hearing health outcomes for thousands of Australian families.”

The process to develop the competency standards will be collaborative, and Audiology Australia members and other relevant stakeholders will be invited to engage in a consultation process. Further information about how members can be involved will be available in the coming weeks.


For further information about the Paediatric Competency Standards, please contact Audiology Australia at or 03 9940 3900.