Professional Practice Guide

Audiology Australia
is reviewing
the Professional
Practice Standards.


Audiology Australia is undertaking a thorough review of the Professional Practice Standards to ensure it is up-to-date and reflects current best practice.

The two parts of the Professional Practice Standards - Part A Practice Operations, and Part B Clinical Standards, have been revised and combined into a new document, the Draft Audiology Australia Professional Practice Guide [the Guide]. The Guide incorporates two main sections: Fundamental Audiology Practice, and Clinical Practice.

The Guide is a resource that has been developed by Audiologists, for Audiologists and audiological practices. It is designed to help audiology practices and clinics deliver safe, high quality health care and embrace continuous quality improvement as good business practice. It has been developed to ensure it reflects current best practice in audiology while remaining flexible to meet individual client requirements and being clinically applicable.  


Click here to access the Draft Audiology Australia Professional Practice Guide.


Our Working Group has been working for some time on the draft and has sought to make the resource easier to navigate and use in practice. In 2021, it sought feedback from a number of experts on individual domains of the Clinical Standards section. With this valuable input, the previous document was updated.


To seek feedback from our membership on the revised draft, a survey was conducted from 17 June 2022 to 11 July 2022. We had 232 respondents complete the survey. Thank you to all those who were able to contribute feedback – we very much appreciate your responses. The Working Group is currently in the process of reviewing the feedback and making relevant changes to the draft Guide.


Next Steps

The Guide will then be submitted to the Audiology Australia Board for approval. Once approved, the updated version will be published on the website.


Working Group

The Working Group comprises :

Xiaoyin Shang (Chair)
Rebecca Allnutt
Bec Bennett
Mona Hemsley
Vesna Maric
Nimi Naran
Jacqui Trethowan
With many thanks also to our previous Chair, Nick Baulderstone



For further information, please contact Georgie Bodman at Audiology Australia via