Submission to the Australian Digital Health Agency on the National Digital Health Strategy

Audiology Australia has provided a submission to the Australian Digital Health Agency on the National Digital Health Strategy. 

Key points in our submission include:

1. AudA supports use of my Health Record's (MHR) as a core component of the Australian national digital health service with improved system functionality, particularly for allied health providers.

2. Indigenous data sovereignty is critically important in regard to the collection, storage and management of Indigenous identified data.

3. Telehealth must be accessible to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing impaired. This includes accommodations for sign language and lip reading capability, as well as the use of closed captioning across all video platforms, and three-way sharing of information between the patient, health provider and an interpreter/care team if required.

4. There is a critical need to strengthen the communication and digital literacy skills of the allied health workforce in order to effectively deliver telehealth services.

5. A focus should be placed on providing practical guidance and assistance to health providers, and the development of appropriate governance, systems, and structures to support smaller primary care practices in the implementation or use of technology-related standards and new digital health technologies.

 To view the submission, click here.