Making a complaint 

Ensuring the best care for all Australians

The Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist is our assurance to the community that when you see an audiologist accredited by us, you can be confident that you are seeing a professionally qualified audiologist.

All members must abide by a Code of Conduct which is designed to maintain a high standard of ethical and professional conduct. 

For members of the community to continue to have trust in the profession of Audiology, any breaches of the Code of Conduct are managed though an independent complaints procedure overseen by an Ethics Review Committee. 



The Ethics Review Committee (ERC)

The Ethics Review Committee (ERC) was established in July 2018 to enable a consistent approach to advice and the handling of complaints related to hearing services provided by Audiology Australia (AudA) and the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud) members (audiologists and audiometrists). The Code of Conduct for audiologists and audiometrists sets the professional and ethical standards that members must meet. You can read the Code of Conduct, or a Summary of the document here
The ERC promotes ethical and professional hearing services through providing advice, support and handling complaints. 

Ethics Helpline for Audiology Australia Members

Audiology Australia members can also contact the the Ethics Officer for support and advice. 

You can learn more and contact the Ethics Officer here. 

Advertising standards and complaints about advertising

Audiology Australia accredits individual audiologists, which includes ensuring members abide by the Code of Conduct for Audiologists and Audiometrists.  Business practices that fall outside of the Code of Conduct for Audiologists and Audiometrists are not enforceable by Audiology Australia. 

This includes employment contracts, commercial agreements and marketing and advertising. However, as the professional body, we want to support members with guidance on the appropriate government and regulatory bodies where members may seek advice or support in relation to business practices if they feel there are breaches in conduct. This may be a referral to bodies such as Fair Work Australia, WorkSafe or other bodies who have powers to investigate claims relevant to their areas of interest.

In terms of advertising or marketing by an audiology clinic or business, there are expectations on members to behave ethically and professionally. If individual members of Audiology Australia are in breach of our Code of Conduct, complaints can be made to the Ethics Review Committee. The matter can be investigated, and if found in breach, penalties can include apply.

However, if there are concerns regarding advertising for audiology services by clinics, businesses or organisations that are outside the scope of the Code of Conduct, there are other avenues available to those who would like to register a complaint.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

The ACCC can investigate false or misleading claims by businesses. If you feel a claim is misleading to the consumer, you can lodge a complaint at:

State-based consumer affairs and fair trade bodies

Local consumer affairs and fair trade bodies may also be able to provide assistance regarding concerns of conduct involved in advertising and marketing. For your local body, please visit:

Ad Standards

Ad Standards administers a national system of advertising self-regulation. The self-regulation system recognises that advertisers share a common interest in promoting consumer confidence in and respect for general standards of advertising. If there are concerns surrounding the standards of advertising, consumers and competitors both have avenues to make complaints.

Consumers can make complaints about advertising directly here:

Competitors can also make complaints here: (there is a cost involved in lodging a competition complaint)