Overseas Qualified Audiologist 

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Now more than ever, the audiology profession is changing and an Audiologists role is growing more complex.

The most successful Audiologists are always looking for ways to stay in touch with industry changes, best practice and innovations. 



Audiology Australia is dedicated to improving people's ability to communicate and interact in everyday settings. We provide professional development, set ethical standards of practice and are a strong, influential advocate.
If you are an overseas qualified Audiologist and would like to practice as an Audiologist in Australia, we encourage you to join our Audiology Community. 
We are committed to maintaining the standard and reputation of Audiology in Australia and set the benchmark required by Audiologists to practise in Australia. 
As part of your membership application process your qualifications will need to be assessed by Audiology Australia.  As on overseas qualified Audiologist, joining Audiology Australia and having your qualifications recognised is a 3 Stage Process. 
Stage Type $
Stage 1 Submission of Documentary Evidence  $375 assessment fee 
Stage 2 Overseas Exam  $990 exam fee 
Stage 3 Membership Acceptance  $580 (pro rata, depending on the time of acceptance) 


You can find a detailed description of the different stages here.

On completion of these three stages, you will then proceed to the next stage, accreditation. Accreditation involves completion of an internship program and on completion of this program, you will be an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist. 

Take the first step and apply to be a member now.