About Audiologists

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists work with clients to help them to preserve, manage and improve their hearing, their ability to process and understand sounds, and their balance.

Audiologists help clients of all ages – from infants to older adults – and clients with complex needs improve their ability to communicate and interact in all situations.



Audiology qualifications and training
Australian Audiologists spend at least five years at university, including two years in an Audiology Australia accredited Master's level audiology program.  There are currently seven universities offering audiology postgraduate programs in Australia that are accredited by Audiology Australia (see bottom of this page).

After completing their studies, Audiology Australia members undertake a one-year clinical internship. In this first year of clinical practice interns are supervised by more experienced colleagues who are an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist.  This supervision program eases the transition into the workforce for the intern and ensures a high quality of service delivery from new graduates.

Experienced overseas audiologists who relocate to Australia are also required to complete the clinical internship before they become a clinically certified member of Audiology Australia.  In these cases the supervision process supports the audiologist to develop confidence with the Australian healthcare system and audiology in the Australian context.

Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist
Once the clinical internship has been successfully completed new members of Audiology Australia become an Accredited Audiologist.   

Accreditation is valid for one year.  In order to have their Accreditation renewed at the end of each cycle a member must be able to demonstrate that they have participated in sufficient professional development over the previous 12 months. Members can gain their professional development from a wide range of activities including attending conferences, seminars, training courses, study and research.

Code of Conduct
Audiology Australia members are bound by a Code of Conduct.

Other policies impacting membership and Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist status

Criminal History Policy

Mandatory Declarations Policy

Audiology Australia accredited audiology programmes


State/ Program Name University Contact
New South Wales
Master of Clinical Audiology
Macquarie University
Department of Linguistics
5th floor, Building C5A Room 508 
Macquarie University, Balaclava Road

Professor Mridula Sharma
Course Director of Clinical Audiology
t: 02 9850 4863
e: Mridula.sharma@mq.edu.au


Dr John Newall
Lecturer, Department of Linguistics
t: 02 9850 2920
e: John.newall@mq.edu.au  

w: Master of Clinical Audiology program

Master of Audiology Studies
The University of Queensland
Division of Audiology
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Queensland

Associate Professor Carlie Driscoll 
Head of Audiology
t: 07 3365 3095
e: carlie.driscoll@uq.edu.au

w: Master of Audiology Studies program

South Australia
Master of Audiology
Flinders University
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100

Ms Karen Sparrow
Course Coordinator
t: 08 7221 8827
f: 08 8204 5935
e: karen.sparrow@flinders.edu.au

w: Master of Audiology program

Master of Clinical Audiology

The University of Melbourne
School of Health Sciences
550 Swanston Street


Dr Kelley Graydon
Course Coordinator
Audiology & Speech Pathology 
e: kgraydon@unimelb.edu.au

w: Master of Clinical Audiology program

Master of Clinical Audiology
La Trobe University
School of Allied Health
Plenty Road & Kingsbury Drive

Dr Bojana Šarkic
Discipline Lead and Course Coordinator,  Audiology
t: 03 9479 1937
e: b.sarkic@latrobe.edu.au

w: Master of Clinical Audiology program

Western Australia
Master of Clinical Audiology and Doctor of Philosophy
The University of Western Australia
School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

Dr Helen Goulios
Course Coordinator
t: (08) 6488 1889
e: helen.goulios@uwa.edu.au

w: Master of Clinical Audiology program

Northern Territory
Master of Clinical Audiology


Charles Darwin University
HHS - Health Science & Allied Health



Dr Andrea Simpson
Course Coordinator
t: (08) 8946 6666 
e: andrea.simpson@cdu.edu.au


w:Master of Clinical Audiology