The gold standard of professional recognition in audiology

The Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist® trade mark is exclusively available and restricted to audiologists licensed by Audiology Australia.

When you see the Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist symbol, you can be assured that you are seeing a professionally qualified audiologist who is accredited by the peak national representative body for audiologists in Australia.


Being clinically certified by Audiology Australia to become an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist® comprises being tested against, and continuing to abide by, a suite of policies aimed at ensuring audiologists provide services lawfully, safely and effectively and in the clients’ best interests. This includes meeting Audiology Australia’s rigorous:
• Education and training requirements, which include completion of at least an Audiology Australia accredited Australian Masters-level degree and our full-time one-year internship programme;
• Code of Conduct which is in line with the National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers;
• Continuing Professional Development programme, and;
• Recency of Practice requirements.


For the register of Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologists with Advanced Paediatric Audiologist certification, scroll down the page.


All current Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologists are listed on this Register. To ensure that the Audiologist that you are seeing is an accredited audiologist, use the search tool below by typing in their first, last name or member number.






Audiology Australia - Certified Advanced Paediatric Audiologist

The certification framework commenced on 1 July 2023. It is voluntary and enables Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologists experienced and with advanced skills in the delivery of paediatric audiology services to apply for certification as a Certified Advanced Paediatric Audiologist – AAudA (CAPA).

Certification identifies the Audiologist as having advanced audiological skills when working with children, including on complex cases. ‘Child’ refers to all those under 18 years of age; includes neonate, infant, child and young person.

Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologists are considered competent to practise independently (without supervision) and provide hearing services to children, regardless of their paediatric certification status. Certification applies to the individual Audiologist, not to a clinic or organisation.



**Note that information on individual accredited audiologists cannot be used to compile e-mail lists nor used for marketing purposes. This is a breach of the Privacy Act. 
**Audiologists listed on this page do not want to receive unsolicited commercial electronic messages. Audiologists can forward unsolicited messages to or lodge a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority.