University Accreditation

Audiology Australia is the organisation that is responsible for accrediting Audiology Masters programs in Australia. 

University Accreditation

Audiology Australia is the organisation that is responsible for accrediting Audiology Masters programs in Australia. On completion of an accredited program followed by a Clinical Internship, one can apply to be an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist.


Accreditation assessment is the process wherein the programs provided by the universities are assessed against Audiology Australia’s Accreditation Standards for Audiology Programs, effective 1 January 2023. These Standards replace the Core Knowledge and Competencies Required of Master of Audiology Graduates in Australia


The newly developed Standards have the following key sections:

  1. Accreditation Standards for Audiology Programs
  2. Accreditation Standards: Graduate Competencies
  3. Accreditation Standards: Guidance and Evidence


Accreditation assures the general public that the audiology degree programs in Australia have the appropriate qualities to produce professional Audiologists who are eligible for full membership of AudA, with the knowledge, skills and attributes required to practise audiology safely and competently in Australia, and subsequently be accredited as AudA Accredited Audiologists.


By accrediting audiology degree programs, Audiology Australia aims to:

(1) Maintain appropriately high minimum standards of the audiology profession in Australia.

(2) Stimulate maintenance of high standards and continuing improvement in the quality of professional education in audiology.

(3) Provide support to the university programs to encourage excellence in professional preparation.

(4) Support varied and flexible degree programs that are aligned with the changing realities of the audiology workplace.

(5) Allow graduates to make an informed choice for their education.


The Audiology Australia University Accreditation and Competencies Committee (AAUACC) oversees the accreditation process and provides advice to Audiology Australia’s Board of Directors in relation to issues to do with accreditation of audiology degree programs.


Accredited Programs

Audiology programs are accredited for up to five years. During the accreditation period, the university is required to submit an annual report to verify if it continues to meet the accreditation standards. It is also required to notify Audiology Australia of any major changes to the program as they occur during the accreditation period.

An accreditation assessment is conducted for all accredited programs in the last year of the accreditation cycle. This is usually in the form of a site visit at the university or may be held in an online format if necessary.


Currently there are seven Australian programs that have been accredited by Audiology Australia:





Victoria The University of Melbourne Master of Clinical Audiology
Victoria La Trobe University Master of Clinical Audiology 
New South Wales Macquarie University Master of Clinical Audiology
Queensland The University of Queensland Master of Audiology Studies
South Australia Flinders University Master of Audiology
Western Australia The University of Western Australia Master of Clinical Audiology
Northern Territory Charles Darwin University Master of Clinical Audiology


For more information regarding the accredited programs, please contact the university directly.


Assessing New Programs

Audiology Australia accepts enquiries from any university in Australia that is considering offering a Masters audiology program and applying to have it assessed for accreditation. Please refer to the resources below, and contact our office to discuss the process and how to apply for accreditation.

As the process from initial enquiry to receiving an accreditation assessment decision is lengthy and can take over a year, such education providers are encouraged to contact our office at their earliest convenience.



Accreditation Standards for Audiology Programs

Accreditation Policies and Procedures for Audiology Programs

Timeline for Cycle Accreditation process

Timeline for Out of cycle Accreditation process

Accreditation Assessment Outcomes

Schedule of Fees


Templates for existing accredited programs

Notice of Intended Application Form

Annual Report


More resources are currently under development and will be made available soon.


Further information

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