Audiology Australia 2020 Conference

3 - 6 May 2020

Crown Perth



Audiology at the Cutting Edge: Shaping Your Future



Population growth, an ageing community, technological advancements, patient expectations and funding models are constantly evolving are creating unique challenges for health professionals around the world.


Audiology is no different. As these factors impact clinical practice, business operations and research into improved hearing outcomes, audiologists must be agile to not only meet the challenges but to harness the significant opportunities to provide the best patient care in both public health and private clinics.


How can Australia's hearing health care needs be best served by audiologists in 2020 and beyond, and importantly, how can audiologists best embrace change to influence better outcomes for the profession and clients alike?


This conference will bring audiologists and other professionals together to forge a proactive and positive approach to the future, where current knowledge, skills and expertise to meet the clinical and operational demands facing audiology now, and into the future.