CPD Advantage

Online CPD to meet your continuing education needs.
CPD Advantage provides Audiology Australia members with unlimited access to a wide range of live and recorded webinars over 2022-23. 

CPD Advantage is back for the 2022-2023 CPD cycle!

For an annual subscription of just $129, CPD Advantage provides members with unlimited access to Audiology Australia's Online Learning library of recorded webinars, access to 1 hour webinars*, and discounted registration to online CPD Days and Live Streams. 

As we continue to work through the impacts of COVID-19, CPD Advantage provides Audiology Australia members with the flexibility to learn online, at a time that suits you.

CPD Advantage is only available to members to purchase as a limited offer until 15 October 2022. Members must have renewed their membership prior to purchasing CPD Advantage.

Further information, including terms and conditions, is available below, or you can call the office on 03 9940 3900 or email events@audiology.asn.au with any questions.


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Terms, Conditions, Fees and Exclusions

1. Audiology Australia reserves the right to exclude any activity from CPD Advantage at any time without further notice.

2. Audiology Australia’s CPD Advantage package relates to online activities offered by Audiology Australia. This does not include face to face events and/or endorsed events offered by external organisations.

3. For the purposes of this CPD Advantage package, definitions of the range of products included within the package are:

- Webinars – Live and recorded.

4. For clarity, CPD Advantage does NOT include access to:

- Online Workshops/Masterclasses (Interactive sessions)
- Online CPD Days
- Online Conferences
- Live Streams from face-to-face events
- Face-to-face events

5. For the purposes of this CPD Advantage package, definitions of the range of products where CPD Advantage provides you with discounted registration include:

- Online Workshops – An interactive online session with numbers capped.  Participants are broken into smaller working groups online.
- Online Symposia and Masterclasses - A single day or multi day, single stream event focusing on one topic, including a combination of different presentation formats (webinars, workshops etc)
- Online Conference and Online CPD Days - A single or multi day, single or multiple stream event offering a range of topics, including a combination of different presentation formats (webinars, workshops etc)
- Live Streams from face-to-face events

6. Audiology Australia reserves the right to restrict the number of CPD Advantage places available at any online workshop, symposium, masterclass or conference.

7. CPD Advantage subscribers avoid cancellation fees when they cancel attending a live webinar in which they have enrolled; however, it’s important to advise Audiology Australia of non-attendance at the earliest opportunity. Cancellation fees for online workshop, symposium, masterclass, conference, CPD Days and Live Streams still apply. Please refer to the individual cancellation policy for each event for further details.

8. Please note that places are limited at some events and workshops Repeated non-attendance is monitored and failure to attend events may result in restricted access to certain events in the future.

9. CPD Advantage entitlements and benefits are only accessible in the current CPD year (i.e. 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023).

10. For your CPD Advantage subscription to be valid, you must be a financial member of Audiology Australia and your Audiology Australia membership must be financial at all times. CPD Advantage subscriptions cannot be retrospectively claimed, claimed before you have paid your annual Audiology Australia membership subscription, or accessed once your Audiology Australia membership has lapsed (30 June every year).

11. CPD Advantage is not available on a pro-rata basis.

12. CPD Advantage is valid till 30 June 2023.

13. CPD Vouchers cannot be used as credit towards CPD Advantage package

14. Once purchased, CPD advantage cannot be transferred to another person, cancelled or refunded.

15. Only the user registered to the CPD Advantage package is entitled to access the content and claim/ gain CPD points associated with the content delivered as part of the program.  

16. Please be advised that a processing time for your application will apply and you will not have immediate access to CPD Advantage. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email providing you with details on how to access the package.

17. Audiology Australia reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute speakers and/or presenters at events, vary prices and audience capacity without notice. If changes are made to an event, Audiology Australia will use its best efforts to maintain equivalent standards.

18. Audiology Australia reserves the right to cancel an activity due to insufficient numbers – registrants will be notified if this occurs. If the activity was not a complimentary activity, registration fees paid for the activity will be refunded. No compensation will be made to loss of funds for any travel or accommodation bookings should the event be cancelled.

19. Audiology Australia takes all reasonable care to ensure that all details and prices of events on the Audiology Australia website are correct at the time of online publication. Ticket prices are subject to change without notice. Any CPD Advantage ticket offers are only available whilst the ticket allocation lasts and during the designated sale period. Audiology Australia reserves the right to withdraw any offer at any time.


The opinions expressed in presentations at Audiology Australia events are those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views of Audiology Australia Ltd.  Audiology Australia disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation for liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you might incur as a result of the information presented being inaccurate or incomplete in any way, and for any reason reliance was placed on such information.

Privacy Policy 

Please note that information you provide will be collected for the purposes of processing your registration for CPD Advantage and associated events. Audiology Australia may also use this information to provide you with information in relation to future programs which may be relevant to you. By submitting a Registration Form, you consent to the Audiology Australia collecting, using and disclosing your personal information (including credit card information) to administer this Event. This may include the production of delegate lists and photographs for marketing and related uses and updating your continual professional development record, unless notified otherwise. We will disclose personal information relating to credit card details for payment processing only. To view a copy of Audiology Australia’s detailed privacy statement, please visit our website www.audiology.asn.au