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Audiology Australia Strategic Directions 2023-28

The future is coming, and change is inevitable. How we respond to the opportunities and challenges ahead will shape our effectiveness and role as Australia’s leading peak accrediting body for audiology.

AudA’s 2023-28 Strategic Directions sets an ambitious blueprint for future growth and impact, positioning AudA and audiology to achieve heightened recognition, regard, reputation, and response.

Opening-up the world of ear and hearing healthcare

By as soon as the 2030s hearing healthcare and audiology will look very different.

We predict:

      • Hearing loss will be more socially accepted and accommodated
      • There will be more specialisation, as well as commodification
      • We will see more innovative and holistic hearing loss solutions
      • There will be greater differentiation and prosperity amongst ear and hearing healthcare businesses
      • Hearing healthcare will focus on earlier intervention, protection and prevention

As we navigate this changing landscape, our role as Australia’s leading peak professional and accrediting body for audiology will remain to support our members and the profession to deliver the highest standards of contemporary hearing healthcare.

That’s why we’ve started working now to be ready to leverage this change as opportunity for growth and impact as we open-up the world of ear and hearing healthcare for the wellbeing of all.

AudA 2023-28 Strategic Directions

What does the future look like for AudA?

AudA, our members and the audiological profession will be viewed with increased:

  • Recognition: We are recognised as the outstanding ‘go to’ member organisation.
  • Regard: We are regarded as the number one provider for greater choice and customisation, high-quality specialist upskilling, business development support and as a strong voice for advocacy with impact and professionalism with community.
  • Repute: Our members are proud of their standing and real expertise as part of healthcare
  • Response: We are the national public voice for the profession, building awareness so community response is high and audiologists are valued for the quality of their services.

 Download your copy to read more about the future of AudA and your profession today.

Looking back: Advancing Audiology to Support Hearing for Life

Our latest impact report from 2018-23 demonstrates how we’ve already supported our members to deliver the highest standards of contemporary hearing healthcare, including:

– Any GP or medical practitioner can now refer for Medicare-subsidised audiology services.
– Publishing the National Competency Standards, which full articulate minimum skills, knowledge and behaviours required for practice.
– Developing a national digital awareness campaign increasing awareness of audiology.
– Making 100+ hours of CPD available to members online.

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