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Audiology Australia and Ida Institute sign Memorandum of Understanding

Audiology Australia is pleased to announce that it has signed a MoU with the Ida Institute - an independent, non-profit organisation working to integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation. The MoU will enable the Ida Institute and Audiology Australia to engage in collaborative activities to promote person-centred care in audiology.

Ida and Audiology Australia have had a strong relationship to date. Audiology Australia members have contributed to the creation of Ida Institute’s person-centered care resources and Audiology Australia has endorsed the Institute’s Learning Hall courses through its Continuing Professional Development program.

“Audiology Australia is very pleased to sign the MoU with the Ida Institute today and looks forward to an ongoing, collaborative partnership,” says Audiology Australia CEO Dr Tony Coles. “Both Audiology Australia and the Ida Institute have a strong focus on family and person-centered care in audiology, which is crucial to professional and ethical standards of practice and to ensure audiologists are able to deliver the highest standards of hearing health care.”

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