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Audiology Australia's submission to the NT Health Minister

On 13 December 2018, Audiology Australia wrote to the NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles, regarding the recent announcement that the Hearing Health Information Management System (HHIMS) has been discontinued.

In development since 2010, the HHIMS aimed to enable real time data collection and coordinating functions for hearing health care services and to assist with case management and continuity of care for children and young people accessing these services.

Audiology Australia is concerned that HHIMS’s discontinuation will have detrimental impacts on hearing health care providers, patients and education staff in an environment where hearing loss among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and especially children and young people is at recognised crisis proportions. Consequently, we have sought assurances from the Minister that HHIMS’s offered benefits and features will not be lost or made a secondary priority and that ear and hearing heath information needs will be adequately resourced in any new system.

The letter can be accessed here.

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