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Hearing the call for action

Audiology Australia is proud to join forces with Australia's peak hearing health sector organisations to represent the hearing health sector to government.

The Hearing Health Sector Alliance has been formed to work with governments to help improve outcomes for Australians affected by hearing loss and other debilitating ear conditions. It follows the Council of Australian Governments019 (COAG) recent endorsement of the first Hearing Health Roadmap aimed at improving the lives of the millions of Australians affected by hearing loss.The new alliance brings together for the first time consumer groups, health professional bodies, industry associations and research organisations.

Audiology Australia CEO and Alliance chair Dr Tony Coles said it was crucial the sector came together to work constructively with all tiers of government to improve hearing outcomes for all Australians, including vulnerable people such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and those living with dementia.

The Alliance will advocate for Australians having better access to education, treatment services and the latest hearing technology, as well as research that will promote the goals of the Alliance to improve the outcomes for all Australians affected by hearing loss.

The Hearing Health Sector Alliance founding members are: Better Hearing Australia, Deafness Forum of Australia, Audiology Australia, Australian College of Audiology, Hearing Care Industry Association, Hearing Business Alliance, Ear Science Institute Australia and National Acoustic Laboratories.

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