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How a hearing check can help Australian students in 2020

As the school year commences in 2020, Australians are encouraged to consider the impact of hearing health on the overall wellbeing of their children, especially in relation to academic performance and social development.

The World Health Organisation estimates 60 per cent of hearing loss in children is preventable and for students, loss of hearing can impact on their studies and ability to engage with peers and educators.

“Hearing loss can impact on child’s development, language and social skills, which are all important in their education,” says Audiology Australia President Dr Barbra Timmer.

“Early intervention on any matters relating to hearing loss can improve educative outcomes,” says Dr Timmer.

An audiologist can assess hearing and provide strategies in relation to potential minimisation of future hearing loss, as well as treatment to support students fully engage in their studies.

Audiology Australia is the country’s leading professional body in audiology and is committed to ensuring education, advocacy and ethical standards of practice to ensure audiologists deliver the highest quality hearing health care.

Being clinically certified by Audiology Australia to become an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist comprises of being tested against, and continuing to abide by, standards aimed at ensuring audiologists provide services lawfully, safely and effectively and in the clients’ best interests.

To ensure an audiologist is an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist, view the online register here.

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