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Submission to the Australian Government on the HSP Schedule of Service Items

Audiology Australia has made a submission to the Australian Government Department of Health on its proposed redevelopment of the HSP’s Schedule of Service Items (the Schedule). The Government is seeking to redevelop the Schedule to make it easier for providers to access relevant information in one place by:

1. Consolidating program standards, service items, and claiming and evidence requirements into one reference document.

2. Ensuring clarity of the program requirements for service delivery.

3. Reviewing and incorporating the Hearing Rehabilitation Outcomes (HROs) into the updated Schedule of Service Items, with the intention to cease the HROs, as standalone document, from 1 July 2020.

A copy of the draft HSP Schedule of Service Items can be viewed here.

Key recommendations in AudA’s submission to the Government include:

1. Revising the draft Schedule’s service and evidence requirements so that they are better aligned with the HROs.

2. Expanding the Rehab Plus code to include support and training relating to emotional and psychosocial support, and social skills training for people with and without hearing aids.

3. Removing the use of pure tone average in the eligibility criteria for Specialist Services (Complex) Clients in-line with current evidence and research.

4. Expanding access to the HSP to include Australians of working age on low incomes.

Audiology Australia's submission was provided to the Government via the Department of Health’s online consultation survey. To read the full submission, please click here.

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