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Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – Submission to the Counsel Assisting – Request for member feedback

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – Submission to the Counsel Assisting – Request for member feedback

The Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety have released their final submissions which include a total of 124 proposed recommendations for the consideration of the Commissioners.

There are two recommendations proposed by the Counsel Assisting that are directly relevant to the audiology profession:

Recommendation 18: Residential aged care to include allied health care

18.1. To ensure residential aged care includes a level of allied health care appropriate to each person’s needs, the Australian Government and the Australian Aged Care Commission should, by no later than 1 July 2024:

a. require approved providers to engage at least one of each of the following allied health professionals: an oral health practitioner; a mental health practitioner […]

b. require providers to enter arrangements with each of the following professional groups to provide services as required to care recipients: optometrists; audiologists

Recommendation 45: Review of health professions’ undergraduate curricula

45.1. By 1 January 2023, the relevant national boards, professional associations, and accreditation bodies for nursing, medicine, audiology […] should review existing course accreditation standards to ensure professional entry qualifications for these professions are appropriately addressing age-related conditions and illnesses, including dementia, to ensure that graduate have the education and knowledge to meet the care needs of older people.

The Counsel Assisting’s Final Submissions can be viewed here and the Proposed Recommendations can be viewed here.

AudA will be providing a response to the Counsel Assisting’s Final Submissions to highlight the need to address difficulties in providing hearing health care in the aged care context and the importance of hearing health in relation to cognitive decline and/or dementia.

Interested members are invited to view the Counsel Assisting’s final submissions and proposed recommendations and contribute to AudA’s response by providing feedback via email to by 5pm, Thursday 5 November 2020.

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