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National Transport Commission Consultation

National Transport Commission Consultation – Assessing Fitness to Drive Guidelines Review – Request for Member Feedback

The National Transport Commission (NTC) and Ausroads are reviewing the Assessing Fitness to Drive (AFTD) Guidelines, the medical standards that inform driver licensing. The purpose of the review is to ensure that these standards represent best practice, are up to date and meet the needs of users.

The review will cover the medical standards, general, and supporting information in the AFTD to ensure currency, accuracy, and clarity. The AFTD Guidelines can be viewed here.

Under the AFTD Guidelines, drivers of commercial vehicles are required to meet a hearing standard. The hearing assessment applies to all forms of hearing loss, including congenital, childhood and hearing loss acquired in later years. Individualised assessments may be offered to determine a driver’s eligibility for a conditional licence which may comprise of a hearing assessment by an audiologist.

Issues for Consideration

The NTC is seeking feedback on any corrections or modifications required to the following:

Part A: General Information

Do you have any comments about Part A: General Information, including technical accuracy, clarity, additional information needed?

Part B: Medical Standards

Are updates or additions required because of advances in our understanding of medical conditions or their treatments and implications for the driving task?

Do you have any comments about the explanatory text or the tables outlining medical standards for private and commercial vehicle drivers in the chapter, including ‘relevance to the driving tasks’ or ‘general management guidelines’?

Part C: Appendices

What updates, additions, or corrections are required for the information in the appendices?

Discovery Work

The NTC and Austroads is seeking feedback on current initiatives and future opportunities to support medical practitioners in managing medical fitness to drive matters with their patients.

Interested members are invited to view the AFTD Guidelines and contribute to AudA’s submission by providing feedback via email to by 5pm, Monday 26 October 2020.

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