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HSP Review - request for member feedback

HSP review: request for member feedback

In August this year, the Australian Government announced a review into the Hearing Service Program (HSP Review), which is led by an Expert Panel headed by Professor Mike Woods as Chair, and Dr Zena Burgess.

The HSP Review will focus on:

* whether the program delivers services aligned with clinical need and contemporary service delivery

* how the Voucher and device maintenance payment system compares with advances in the manufacturing sector and product offering

* how technology is changing the provision of services through the program

* how program services are currently delivered and whether access can be enhanced for vulnerable Australians and in thin markets, such as regional, rural and remote areas.

The Panel will be providing its Final Report to the Government at the end of July 2021.

The HSP Review has now released its first Consultation Paper, which is available here to prompt discussion around key areas that will inform the modernisation of the HSP.

The Consultation Paper asks 10 different questions on a wide range of issues. These are:

1. What should be the objectives and scope of the Program?

2. Which consumers should be eligible for Program subsidies?

3. How well does this Program interface with other schemes?

4. Does the Program sufficiently support hearing loss prevention?

5. Are the Program’s assessment services and rehabilitation activities meeting consumer needs?

6. Is the Program supportive of consumer choice and control?

7. Are the Program’s service delivery models making best use of technological developments and services?

8. Does the Program sufficiently support consumers in thin markets?

9. Are there opportunities to improve the administration of the Program

10. Does the Program effectively make use of data and information to inform decision010making?

Audiology Australia is preparing a submission in response to the Consultation Paper and all members are invited to contribute to help inform our response. To assist with this, a list of the questions and the discussion prompts from the Consultation Paper are available here.

Please provide any feedback you may like to make via email to by cob Monday 23 November.

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