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National Transport Commission Assessing Fitness to Drive Review

National Transport Commission (NTC) Assessing Fitness to Drive Review 2021 Consultation – Request for member feedback

The NTC is reviewing Assessing Fitness to Drive (AFTD) in collaboration with Austroads. AFTD outlines the medical standards and clinical management guidelines for driver licensing in Australia.

This review will examine advances in medical knowledge related to safe driving and explore how to improve the document design and support materials to make AFTD more user-friendly.

The NTC has provided an updated draft AFTD guidelines, which includes stakeholder input provided during last year’s consultation. Audiology Australia’s (AudA) input provided to the NTC can be viewed here.

The following AudA input has been included in the updated draft AFTD guidelines:

* Amendment of the term ‘medical assessment’ to ‘assessment’ in regard to an audiologist determining a person’s eligibility for a conditional licence (p.105).

* Amendment of the definition of an audiologist (p.106).

The NTC is now seeking input on the following:

* the suitability of the changes in the updated draft AFTD guidelines (refer to Hearing loss and deafness section p.104-9)

* stakeholder experiences with the current AFTD guidelines and any suggestions to make the next version more user-friendly

* any suggestions on training and support needed to increase use and knowledge of content in the guidelines.

Interested members are encouraged to view the NTC’s review report (refer to Hearing loss and deafness section p.57-59) in conjunction with the updated draft AFTD guidelines. The review report provides an explanation of the changes in the updated draft guidelines document.

Please provide any feedback and comments to by COB Wednesday 2 June 2021.

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