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Client Guidance on Self-Fitting Hearing Devices

Aug 5, 2021

Audiology Australia has developed a client guidance on self-fitting hearing devices to assist health consumers, members of the public and hearing clients with understanding what self-fitting hearing devices are and some of the challenges that may be associated with purchasing, fitting and adjusting a self-fitting hearing device.

Self-fitting hearing devices are sound amplification devices, which can include personal sound amplification products and hearing aids, that are not designed to require a hearing health professional to fit the device to an individual. As self-fitting hearing devices are increasingly being made available for sale online, AudA members may at times receive enquiries from clients or members of the public in regard to purchasing or using a self-fitting hearing device to manage hearing loss or a self-perceived hearing difficulty.

In all cases, AudA recommends that an accredited audiologist be involved in the diagnosis of hearing loss or a self-perceived hearing difficulty and, where necessary, support clients, either face to face or through teleaudiology, with the adjustment of their preferred hearing device. Members may wish to refer clients and the public to AudA’s client guidance for information on self-fitting hearing devices.

You can view the Client Guidance on Self-Fitting Hearing Devices here.

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