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Self-Fitting Hearing Devices

Audiology Australia acknowledges that some consumers and clients may be interested in self-fitting hearing devices as a solution to managing their hearing loss or perceived hearing difficulty.

For these clients, we have developed a free guide that explains some of the challenges associated with purchasing, fitting and adjusting self-fitting hearing devices.

Our Stance on Hearing Devices

Audiology Australia (AudA) supports the provision of hearing devices for all clients that have been diagnosed, through appropriate clinical consultation, as benefiting from the assistance of a hearing device.

This includes self-fitting hearing devices – sound amplification devices that do not require a hearing health professional to fit the device to an individual.

In all cases, we recommend the involvement of an Accredited Audiologist: in the diagnosis of hearing loss or a self-perceived hearing difficulty and in the support of clients, either face-to-face or through teleaudiology, with the adjustment of their preferred hearing device.

Providing You with Guidance

Our guide helps clients understand:

  • Why hearing aids are used
  • When self-fitting hearing aids are an appropriate option for management
  • How self-fitting hearing aids are supplied in Australia
  • Self-fitting personal sound amplification products
  • The role of an AudA audiologist in protecting hearing health, and more.

Self-Fitting Hearing Device Guidelines

Download our guidance document on Self-Fitting Hearing Devices


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