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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Meet This Year’s The Sound Exchange ’24 Speakers

Feb 19, 2024

The #1 audiology event of the year, The Sound Exchange ’24, promises unmissable opportunities to put audiology in action and learn skills that you’ll really use in the audiology clinic. This year’s program is designed for success focusing on peer learning and hands-on exercises with Australian subject matter experts and some surprise international guests!

What does this mean for you? With 10+ leaders in each our five masterclass streams (over 50 in total), and even more in our pre-conference workshops, The Sound Exchange ’24 is an unmatched opportunity to get hands-on as you gain new skills and perspectives from audiology experts working in a wide range of settings across the profession.

Curious to see who you could be learning from? Check back every week to meet more of our featured presenters below!

Bianca Charles and Tess Peverill – Vestibular Boot Camp Stream

Many audiologists work closely with physiotherapists to deliver targeted rehabilitation plans to clients who present with vestibular (balance-related) disorders and issues.

To help improve audiologists understandings of what happens when their clients enter a physiotherapy clinic, we’re excited to share that Senior Physiotherapists Bianca Charles and Tess Peverill will be presenting on the topic at The Sound Exchange ’24 as part of the ‘Vestibular Boot Camp’ masterclass stream led by AudA Board Member Dr Jessica Vitkovic.

Tess Peverill and Bianca CharlesBoth joining from Melbourne’s Neurological Rehabilitation Group, the team assess, treat and manage a variety of neurological clients, conduct research into the multi-disciplinary management of concussion in adult and paediatric populations, and upskill other therapists.

To ensure they continue delivering best-practice care, the team have frequently undertaken professional development opportunities, including the 2022 Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy International Conference for Vestibular Rehabilitation in Minneapolis, USA, where they were able to learn from other vestibular clinicians and researchers from around the world.

“When clients present with vestibular conditions we assist with assessment and diagnosis of their presentation, and provide education and treatment based on this,” says Tess.

“This may involve education regarding lifestyle changes, repositioning manoeouvres for BPPV, or vestibular rehabilitation with the aim of reducing their symptoms and assisting them to return to their normal day-to-day activities.”

For the two physiotherapists, collaboration between audiology and physiotherapy is key to improving outcomes for clients, especially when working with audiologists who complete vestibular function testing.

“In our assessment we complete bedside testing to look at vestibular function but often refer on for formal testing to allow to provide more targeted rehabilitation,” Bianca says.

“We would love the attendees to leave our session at The Sound Exchange ‘24 and understand the benefits of vestibular rehabilitation and the role that physiotherapists provide.”

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Dr Claire Iseli – Cochlear Implants: Maximising Auditory Potential Across the Lifespan Stream

Dr Claire Iseli

Joining us from outside the audiology profession for the ‘Cochlear Implants: Maximising Auditory Potential Across the Lifespan’ masterclass stream led by Dr Jamie Leigh is ENT and Cochlear Implant Surgeon Dr Claire Iseli. Claire has 16 years’ experience, including a two-year Otology/Neurotology Fellowship focusing on skull-base tumors, general otology and cochlear implants in both adults and children under the head of the American Cochlear Implant Alliance. She currently works for The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital’s Victorian Cochlear Implant Program.

Claire’s motivation to attend The Sound Exchange ‘24 is closely aligned with the conference’s own goal of sharing skills that audiologists will really use in the clinic, with her ultimate aim to exchange ideas and knowledge more readily between ENT surgeons, audiologists and other hearing healthcare professionals to improve client outcomes.

“My biggest concern is the disparity in opportunity between patients who are in city and rural areas, or even between a patient who has a team of audiologists and health care professionals around them that are aware of all the options versus one that does not,” Claire says.

“I think the greatest way I can address that disparity is to share my experience with the widest possible health audience and answer their concerns honestly and openly. I am hoping attendees will leave my session with a greater understanding of the indications for, benefits and limitations of cochlear implantation and the surgical risks involved so we can all collaborate better on providing streamlined, well-informed, consistent, cohesive health care to our hearing loss clients.”

Aside from a fleeting thought of becoming an astronomer in her pre-teen years, Claire says she was always destined for the life of a surgeon because of her attraction for its combination of rigorous science, research, demanding physical work and teamwork.

“ENT surgery, and particularly otology (ear surgery), suits my personality because it focuses heavily on function and quality of life. My favourite thing about my career is the daily joy of meeting new and established clients and sharing their hearing challenges and triumphs.”

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Sandra Lee – Management of Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss in Adults Stream

Sandra Lee has had a diverse audiology career working in both the public hospitals and private sectors.

Specialising in bone conduction programming and cochlear implants, the Victorian Hearing audiologist will be presenting on how to improve an audiologist’s capabilities using nonstandard devices with clients who may not be suited for traditional hearing aids in the ‘Management of Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss in Adults’ masterclass stream led by Dominic Power.

Sandra Lee“I would like attendees to leave my session with the confidence to start a conversation about nonstandard devices, particularly bone conduction hearing aid solutions for candidates that may be suitable,” Sandra says.

Sandra’s love for audiology, education and transforming clients’ lives is infectious, with ‘never a dull moment’ in her day thanks to the variety of work she enjoys, from the technology to the clients, to the locations she’s worked at and her clinical tasks.

“It has been wonderful to be able to travel around Australia and assist communities in hearing better and living better.

“I have always been stretched to give my best during consultations. I love the challenge and providing hope to clients who walk through the doors, reconnecting them with their family and friends. This allows them to remain in the conversation, creating beautiful, shared memories, all because of a well-tailored hearing amplification.”

Learned from her extensive clinical experience and her additional work outside audiology as an employment consultant and a tour guide, Sandra believes that there is one factor above all else that has helped to connect her with her clients and deliver well-tailored hearing care.

“My advice for anyone starting a career in audiology is that the greatest gift you can give someone is your presence. Slow down and be fully attentive to the person in front of you. The more you get to know and listen to them, the better your tailored solution for them will be.”

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