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Hungry to Learn? The Sound Exchange 24’ Has the Perfect Learning Menu for Every Appetite!

Feb 2, 2024

Good food, great atmosphere, interesting company, and no dishes to wash– who doesn’t love a good restaurant meal?

Putting together this year’s The Sound Exchange, we realised while the menu might be a little different, the perfect learning experience has a lot in common with a good night out at your local.

Thanks to an iconic setting at Albert Park and a diverse menu of national and international speakers and peers to keep the conversation flowing, we’re confident the vibe, quality ingredients, and a wide choice of opportunities will leave your learning taste buds singing for days.  Whether you’re feeling snacky, want something a little more substantial, or are feeling hungry for a banquet of ideas, you’ll be rushing to book a table after you read our 2024 menu.

Entrees/light snacks – Available Sunday 26 May

Looking for a little something that’s big on flavour, won’t take too long and will leave you satisfied? Why not join us for a nibble of knowledge that’s sure to hit the spot at our pre-conference Workshops?

On the Menu:

  1. The ABC of OAEs
  2. Advanced topics in vestibular pathophysiology

Mains – Available Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 May

Need a little something more? Why not make a meal out of learning at the Sound Exchange? You’ll choose from five tasty streams for a feast that comes with plenty of sides including peer and expert learning and networking.

On the Menu:

  1. Cochlear Implants: Maximising Auditory Potential Across the Lifespan
  2. The 5-Step Plan for Holistic Hearing Rehabilitation
  3. Community Paediatrics: Behavioural Assessment of Children Aged 8 Months to 6 Years
  4. Management of Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss in Adults
  5. Vestibular Boot Camp

Why choose when you can feast?

Sometimes one course just isn’t enough to quench those hunger pains. Why not go for a two-course learning banquet no royal would turn down, and match an entrée to your main?

You’ll boost your knowledge calories with a workshop on Sunday and a tasty main at the two-day Sound Exchange Conference.

Our Chef’s recommended pairings:

The Sound Exchange 24's Menu for Every Appetite, featuring combinations of masterclasses and pre-conference workshops.

Don’t forget your Doggy Bag

We don’t want the learning fun to stop at the door. You’ll head home with a ‘doggy bag’ of five hours of exclusive extra online content for your next midnight snack.

So, whatever your appetite, tastes, and schedule, join us for a learning meal that will truly satisfy.

With a wide range of experts, peer learning and networking and a practical program that puts audiology in action to equip you with new skills and confidence you’ll use in the clinic, this is one table you don’t want to miss out on.


Book your table at the Sound Exchange ’24 now.

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