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A Reminder about Logging onto the New AudA Member Hub

Jan 1, 2024

Setting Up Your New AudA Member Experience

Audiology Australia is back online with a new Member Hub and website.

Change is hard. We thank everyone for their patience as we get used to this new system and unlock its great benefits, including easy management of your personal profile, preferences, AudA membership, professional development and accreditation.

As an existing AudA member you should have received an email with your link to activate your unique code and set up access to the new member hub.


Your link and unique code is tied to your member data. It will not work for anyone else.

Do not share it with others.

If you have trouble logging on, please contact the AudA Office first on or (03) 9940 3900.

Please read the instructions and downloadable guides below before logging on.

About this Pack

New experiences can be daunting, that’s why we’ve taken the guess work out of day one on the new member hub.

All in one easy to use and keep pack, we’ve got links to quick guides to help you log on, personalise your subscription, and manage your details on Find an Audiologist.

Make sure you keep this email in a safe place and have it handy when you are ready to log on and begin your new AudA member experience.

Accessing the new AudA Member Hub

As an existing AudA member, you’ll receive a system generated email from “” or “Membership” with an invitation to join the portal and a link to generate your Unique Validation Code.  This code is attached to your member data from the old system. When you click the link you will be asked to log into our new system using your name and a new password.

***Please be assured this email is safe to open!***

Can’t find your email? Don’t think you received it?

If the email isn’t in your inbox, check your spam or in some cases your ‘Other’ tab. If you still can’t find it, please email

Download a copy of our Quick Log in Guide Here

Getting Personal: Your Profile and Opt-Out Subscription

Once you are on the Member Portal you will need to review and update the details under your profile and personalise your subscriptions.

About Your Profile

Please take the time to review and update your profile so we can give you the very best service and opportunities aligned with your experience, background and preferences.

About Your Opt-Out Subscription

Members already on our mailing list have been given an ‘opt out’ subscription in our new system. This means they’ll automatically receive all their favourite AudA news, publications, and more. If you want to receive everything you don’t need to make any changes. To unsubscribe, simply untick anything you don’t wish to receive. You can decide to resubscribe at anytime by re-ticking in your profile.

Download our Quick Guide to Updating your Profile and Subscriptions here

Find an Audiologist

We’ve made it even easier for your next client to find you.

If you’re an AudA accredited audiologist, your public business details have already been added to Australia’s #1 national searchable directory of audiologists.

You can review, update or remove your details at any time.

Download our Quick Guide to Managing your Details on Find an Audiologist here

Over coming days we’ll be sending additional emails to help you navigate key processes and features in the new Member Hub, including CPD and internships.

Our team will also be on hand to assist with queries and provide support on and beyond launch day. You can contact us on (03) 9940 3900 or

Our Full List of Guides

Want a bit of extra help? Access our full list of guides below: