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Hearing-Wellbeing App Survey

Dec 14, 2023

National Acoustic Laboratories is developing an app that will change the way their clients self-manage hearing difficulties, devices and the social-emotional impact of hearing loss, and they need your help!

By taking part in a 15-20-minute survey and sharing you and your clients’ needs, you’ll be helping to improve the design of the app.

The app will offer:
🤖 Real-time support for immediate troubleshooting via an AI-driven, voice-activated virtual assistant.
🎓 Personalised education programs, skill development activities, and behaviour change nudges for enhanced communication, self-advocacy, and coping strategies.

If you are willing to participate, please click on the following link to get started:

The survey will ask about your age, gender, clinical experience, use of health Apps and sets of questions asking your preference for different App features.

National Acoustic Laboratories Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC number 2023-22) has approved this study.