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Researchers Win at Prestigious APSCI 2023 Conference

Dec 5, 2023

Australia researchers have made a big splash at APSCI 2023: the 14th Asia Pacific Symposium on cochlear Implant and Related Sciences in Seoul, South Korea.

Audiology Australia members, Dayse Tavora-Vieira, Andre Wedekind and Marcus Voola, took home one of only six presentation prizes at this year’s event with their Basic Research Prize winning talk “Ensuring Auditory Cortex Activation: optimisation of a cochlear implant and its outcomes”.

Presented by Dayse, the team’s research explores use of ” acoustic CAEP (aCAEP) measures to verify the cochlear implant (CI) map and improve outcomes in adults with single-sided deafness (SSD) or bilateral hearing loss”. Analysing 67 SSD-CI and 108 unilateral CI users, the trio successfully showed how aCAEP recordings can successfully verify CI mapping and improve speech outcomes in CI users.

A biannual event, APSCI brings together international cochlear implant experts to build knowledge and broaden perspectives across across the Asia-Pacific region.

View the APSCI media release here

Download the abstract book featuring a description of the presentation here