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The 2023-24 CPD Cycle: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 9, 2024

Many members still have questions about the CPD structure and process for the 2023-24 CPD cycle. We’ve put together this quick overview of everything you need to know.


For the 2023-2024 cycle, your 20 CPD points can be accrued across any category by 30 June 2024. Points completed since 1 July 2023 have been mapped to the new structure.

CPD and the New System

How Has CPD Management and Structure Changed in the New System?

While the process is the same, we’ve made it even easier to manage your CPD through our single sign-on Member Hub, new structure, handbook, and Learning Management System.

I logged points in the old system. Do I need to log them again?

No. We’ve taken the worry out of your CPD by making sure all your information has been migrated into the new system for this cycle. Points for previous cycles have been archived.

Access your CPD records and load points here


Categories and Structure

How Many Categories in the Current Structure?

We’ve consolidated our CPD structure into two CPD categories. This change is reflected in the new system with points completed since 1 July 2023 already mapped to this structure.

Is there a minimum number of points across both categories for this cycle?

No. While you still need to obtain 20 CPD points by the end of the cycle, there are no minimum sub-category requirements meaning they can be obtained across any category.

What if I can’t meet the 20 point requirements?

Members who are unable to meet the 20 points requirements by 30 June can apply for a reduction. All applications to be made by 31st May 2024.

See “How do I apply for a Fee Reduction?” on the Parental leave and other cpd exemptions page here


Non-endorsed Activities

Can I Still Accrue CPD Points for Non-Endorsed Events?

Yes! In fact we’ve made it even easier to submit non-endorsed activities in the new system.

Download a copy of the Guide to Submitting Non-endorsed Activities Here

If you have any questions about the new CPD categories and structure or need assistance loading points to the new system, please reach out to the AudA team on 03 9940 3900 or


Checking Your CPD Points


There are two different locations in the new Member Hub to check your CPD points:

  • My CPD page, which lists all your individual CPD point accomplishments mapped by category.
  • CPD Dashboard page, which displays an overview of your logged CPD point activities and how close you are to reaching your CPD point requirements.


The CPD Dashboard has been programmed with the new 2024-25 sub-category requirements of 8 points for Category 1 and 4 points for Category 2. Please disregard the sub-category requirements for this cycle.

As we got ready for the new cycle, the most essential value this cycle is the number in the red box at the centre of the pie chart. This shows the points accrued against the points required.

To check your CPD points for the 2023-24 cycle, please click on the 2024 button and see the number in the centre of the circle. You can refer to the screenshot below.

If you require 20 CPD points, your total will be listed against 20 CPD points. However, if you have qualified for a CPD point reduction, your total requirements may be shown as lower.

CPD Dashboard


Meeting Your Target 20 CPD Points

WHAT IF I Still Need to Gain CPD POINTS?

If you have not yet met your requirements for this cycle, your best option is to check for CPD learning opportunities in the Audiology Australia Member Hub such as by attending Events, watching webinars in our Online Learning Library and reading the latest issues of Audiology Now. You will then often be required to complete the relevant quizzes to demonstrate your competency and familiarity with the topics discussed.

For an unmatched professional development opportunity and the chance to gain up to 20 CPD points, don’t forget to explore your options at The Sound Exchange ’24.

With options to choose between pre-conference workshops, a two-day conference offering five masterclass streams and exclusive access to over five hours of additional online content, you will leave with knowledge, skills and insights that you will use in the clinic.


Members who are unable to meet the 20 points requirements by 30 June can apply for a reduction. All applications to be made by 31st May 2024.

See “How do I apply for a Fee Reduction?” on the Parental leave and other cpd exemptions page here


Is There a New CPD Handbook?

Yes, you can download your copy of the new Handbook here.

Download a copy of the New CPD Handbook Here


Contact Us

If you need any help with understanding your CPD requirements, please do not hesitate to email or call +61 3 9940 3900 and we will attend to your enquiry as soon as possible.