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Why do we have a clinical internship program?

The Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist® trade mark communicates to clients, employers and others that as a practitioner, you are a professionally educated and competent audiologist having completed a recognised professional Master degree from an Australian university accredited audiology program (or overseas equivalent), completed the internship program and agrees to abide by Audiology Australia’s Code of Conduct.

Being clinically certified by Audiology Australia to become an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist® comprises being tested against, and continuing to abide by, a suite of policies aimed at ensuring audiologists provide services lawfully, safely and effectively and in the clients’ best interests.

The goal of the Clinical internship program is to help you develop into a highly competent and independent clinician. 

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Role of your supervisor

As an intern, you will be supported throughout your internship journey with supervision that entails the personal and direct involvement of the supervisor.

They provide you with the necessary support to further develop your clinical skills and assess your progress towards becoming an independent and confident clinician.

Eligibility for the internship program

To register to be part of our Clinical Internship Program, you may be:

  • a graduate of an Australian Masters of Clinical Audiology university program,
  • an Audiologist who has lost and wants to regain their status as an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist or
  • an overseas trained Audiologist who has passed the Audiology Australia overseas exam.

Download our internship documents:

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