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The Early Career Audiologists Group will support and nurture masters of audiology students, interns and audiologists in the first two years of being Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologists.
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Audiology Australia’s Early Career Audiologists Group gives you an opportunity to get involved, hone your leadership skills, work with mentors, and make a positive contribution to the future of audiology

The purpose of the Group

It is the place for students and early career professionals within the field of audiology to come together to share ideas, participate in activities, and provide support to fellow members.

The group is designed to inspire, empower and support student and early career professionals in the field of audiology to engage in leadership opportunities, grow professionally and excel in their futures. It is specially designed for those in the first five years of their audiology career – the two years as a Masters student and the first three years post-graduation.

Create a sense of community amongst audiology students and early career professionals across Australia to meet, discuss and learn together

Facilitate national and international relationships for potential student exchanges and sharing of experiences

Facilitate a smooth transition upon graduation into the workforce towards becoming an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist

Support students and early career professionals with an interest in leadership roles, within their communities as well as the greater profession

Connect students and early career professionals with experienced audiologists, to enable opportunities for mentoring

Stimulate inter-professionalism with other health professions and improve self-awareness as an audiologist on a national level



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