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Week (27 May – 3 June)

Now more than ever!

Reconciliation Week runs every year from 27 May to 3 June. 

It is an opportunity to really see each other, to listen and to remain engaged and strengthen the relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples.

This year’s theme ‘Now more than ever’ powerfully captures this moment for our nation: our need for action to drive change.

We have work to do in the hearing health sector. Audiology Australia recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have significantly higher rates of hearing loss and ear disease than non-Indigenous Australians. Critically, otitis media – an inflammation of the middle ear typically caused by bacterial and viral pathogens – is still extremely prevalent in remote communities, with as many as 90% of children reporting infections.

Audiology Australia applauds and supports the work of audiologists and hearing health professionals who are helping to close the hearing health gap and forge a brighter path forward together.

What is Reconciliation Week?

Reconciliation Week runs every year from 27 May to 3 June.

Reconciliation Week commemorates the dates of two significant reconciliation milestones – the successful 1967 referendum on 27 May, when over 90% of Australians voters voted “Yes” to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the census, and the High Court Mabo decision on 3 June, when the Australian Government recognised the existence of Native Title.

Reconciliation is about the strengthening of relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples for the benefit of all.

Reconciliation and hearing health

Audiology Australia believes that addressing hearing health inequalities that exist between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, and non-Indigenous Australians, is a key step forward towards reconciliation.

Hearing loss, infections and ear disease often begin during childhood, leading not only lead to delayed speech and language, but also behavioural issues and learning problems, especially when English isn’t the child’s main language.

We can, and must, do better to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to better meet local needs and empower communities.

Audiology Australia’s reconciliation journey

Our reconciliation journey was formalised in November 2023 with the launch of our ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan.

A statement of intent and expression of inclusion and respect, this plan is our first step on a journey as an organisation and profession towards a future built on unity where reconciliation is at the forefront of our actions.

The journey will continue with the launch of our ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan in late 2024.

Calling for positive change

As the peak national professional body for Audiologists, Audiology Australia is committed to improving the ear health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and closing the hearing health gap, calling on governments to implement policies including:

• Long-term funding to support and expand the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce.
• Increased number of Medicare-billed audiological services available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Exemplifying deep listening

Deep-listening is an important spiritual virtue common in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, based on respect, understanding, quietness, awareness and patience.

With connection, hearing and deep listening at the centre of the reconciliation journey, it is important we uphold these practices.

The artwork on the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan designed by Bitja (Dixon Patten), a proud Gunnai, Gunditjmara, Dhudhuroa and Yorta Yorta man represents the act of deep-listening.

Ways to show your support

Get involved with your local Reconciliation Week activities and demonstrate your support as we move forward together to create a strengthened and respectful nation.

Join a Reconciliation Week Event

Discover Reconciliation Week events in your area on the Reconciliation Australia website. 

View more >>>

Stand up against racism

Download resources from the national campaign by the RACISM. IT STOPS WITH ME campaign from the Australian Human Rights Commission, supported by Reconciliation Australia.

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Search your local council website for activities

Look on your local government webpage for reconciliation activities and events.

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Attend Reconciliation Day

If you’re in Canberra, don’t forget to attend your local Reconciliation Day event on 27 May.

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