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Submission to NTC on the updated draft Assessing Fitness to Drive Guidelines

Jun 23, 2021

Audiology Australia has provided a submission response to the National Transport Commission (the Commission) on its updated draft AFTD guidelines. The AFTD guidelines are expected to be finalised and released this year.

In November 2020, Audiology Australia made the following recommendations to the Commission which has been included in the updated draft guidelines:

(a) amendment to the guideline’s definition of an audiologist from the previous definition “an audiologist is a person registered with Audiology Australia” to the amended definition “an audiologist is a person accredited as such by Audiology Australia”.

(b) removal of the term ‘medical’ when referring to the assessments which may be undertaken by audiologists to determine a person’s fitness to drive.

Interested members can view Audiology Australia’s recent submission to the Commission on the updated draft AFTD guidelines here. Audiology Australia’s 2020 submission to the Commission can be viewed here.

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