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Suffer from Tinnitus? Make an Appointment with an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist

Feb 6, 2024

Media Release

This Tinnitus Awareness Week, Audiology Australia (AudA) is encouraging those in need of help to make an appointment with an accredited audiologist.

Almost two-thirds of Australians will be affected by tinnitus – the perception of sound which has no external source. Tinnitus is often heard as a ringing, buzzing, humming, or roaring and can be in one or both ears. While many people experience tinnitus at some point in their lives, for some it is constant and for a small number of these individuals it is very bothersome.

With the condition linked to many underlying conditions and causes, AudA President, Dr Barbra Timmer says the best first step for those affected by tinnitus is a complete ear and hearing health check with an audiologist.

“There are many reasons someone might develop tinnitus from excessive earwax, exposure to unsafe sound, stress, and injury to hearing loss. Some medications can also cause tinnitus. An Audiology Australia accredited audiologist can undertake a complete assessment and help identify if an underlying cause can be found,” says Dr Timmer.

There’s no cure for some of the causes of tinnitus, says Dr Timmer but she is keen to reassure those bothered by their tinnitus that a great deal can be done to manage the condition and improve quality of life.

“An audiologist can develop an individual management and treatment plan tailored to your needs. They can work with you to better understand your tinnitus and discuss the different management options available to help reduce the impact of tinnitus in daily life.”

Anyone looking for help with Tinnitus or an assessment of their hearing and ear health, can locate their nearest Audiology Australia Accredited audiologist through the ‘Find an Audiologist’ search tool at

As well as location you can search by areas of expertise such as Tinnitus to find an audiologist specialising in the services you need.

For more information on Audiology, hearing health and services provided by audiologists you can also visit the Audiology Australia website on

About Audiology Australia

Audiology Australia (AudA) is the peak accrediting professional member body for audiologists and leading voice for hearing health and audiology in Australia. Working to open up ear and hearing healthcare for all, AudA delivers accreditation, professional development and education, advocacy and networking and collaboration to support audiologists to provide the highest standard of contemporary hearing healthcare to Australians.

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Dr Barbra Timmer – President, Audiology Australia

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